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Author Guidelines

Scientific Voyage” aims to provide a rapid publishing platform, where each and every instruction is vital to reduce the editorial process. Authors are instructed to follow the guidelines strictly without which the article may not be accepted for publication. Authors are advised to check the guidelines before submitting the article for publication.

1. Submission of article: We are presently focusing on publishing original research work, review papers and short communications only. Authors may submit their articles to the online submission system at Scientific Voyage or directly email at Authors are advised to submit the articles only with the copyright declaration (form available in website) duly signed, scanned and attached which may be downloaded from the website which however can be done later on also based on acceptance of the manuscript.

2. File type: Authors should submit the articles eitherin MS-word (2003 or 2007) or Latex (with class and style files) following the format of the journal Scientific Voyage. 

3. File size: No article should exceed more than 12 pages unless necessary, authors will be requested to substantiate the need if it exceeds the maximum number of pages.

4. Font type: Articles should be typed in single line spacing with the following font pattern

Font type: Times New Roman
Size: For main heading or title: 20 points and Bold
For sections and sub-sections: 12 points and Bold

For abstract and caption of figures: 11 points
Content of article: 10 points

5. Language: Language of the articles should be only in English, we are not processing articles in any other languages.

6. Order of Submission: The following order should be strictly followed while submitting the article:

Front page: Title of article, authors' names, authors' institutional affiliations only and leave other spaces empty.

From second page: Start with abstract of a maximum of 250 words exactly conveying the content of the article, Keywords (at least 3 words), Main content text with all tables and figures aligned in their location (do not send tables and figures separately unless requested), list of symbols and abbreviations, acknowledgement, bibliography.

7. References: All references must be arranged first alphabetically and then it may be further sorted chronologically. If the reference is provided from the same Author(s) in the same year it must be identified by the letter “a”, “b”, “c”, etc which is placed after the publication year.

References should follow the following format:

[1] A. Einstein., Journal Name (in italic), Vol. no. (in bold) (Year) Page no.

[2] A.K. Yadav and A.T. Ali, Journal Name (in italic), Vol. no. (in bold) (Year) Page no.

[3] Books: F. Rahaman, Title of Book (in italic), Edition, Publisher, Page no. (Year).

[4] Book chapter: J.V. Narlikar,  Title of Chapter (in italic), Title of Book, Publisher, Page no. (Year).

[5] Conferences: D. Deb, Title of Paper (in italic), Title of Conference, Venue, Page no. (Year).

8. Reference Citation: If the reference is of a Single author: the author’s name (without initials) and the year of publication, Two authors: Both authors name and also the year of publication of the article. Three or more than three authors: First author’s name followed by “et al.”, e.g. (Einstein 1905), (Yadav and Ali 2015), (Varela et al. 2012). Citing web reference can be like the journal article reference.

9. Figures and Tables: Figures should not be provided at the end of the document, provide them wherever necessary in the article. Provide the figure number and caption with a font size of 11. Tables can be embedded within text and the caption of the table should be above the table with a font size of 11.

10. Peer review policy: This journal aims at rapid publication of articles while maintaining rigorous peer review process. Each article will be subject to a minimum of two reviews by two individual reviewers. If their decision varies the article will be sent to a third reviewer and the editor’s decision is final. Reviewers will be insisted to review the paper within 3 weeks time and if he/she fails to return will be sent to another reviewer.

11. Paper acceptance: Final decision on acceptance of the paper is with the editorial team, promotion in any form will disqualify even qualified papers. Selected papers will be put in queue for publication and once the article is published the author will get a confirmation email from the corresponding editor.

12. Copyright

The journal follows Creative Commons License 4.0 and authors are instructed to upload a copyright declaration attached with article while submission. Click here to download the copyright declaration, please sign the form and scan it and attach in email. If the article is submitted via the submission form, upload the scanned copyright document in the relevant place.

13. Publishing method: All articles accepted for publication will be open access, free of charge and online as well as hard copy. Authors are free to download their papers at any time; no reprints or any other format of accepted article will be provided.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.