Pursuit of Inclusive and Sustainable Technology Development for Rural Population: Role of RuTAG at IIT Delhi


Countries around the world faces economic, social and environmental challenges in their pursuit towards inclusive and sustainable development. Interestingly, the promotion of sustainable technologies and development remain abstract with vague ethos and understanding. With an aim to strengthen grass root technological innovation and harvest outstanding traditional knowledge for sustainable development, Government of India launched National Innovation Foundation in 2000. In order to integrate higher level of science and technology intervention in the existing technologies at the grassroots, their dissemination, and need based rural development, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India started Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG) in 2004 at seven Indian Institute of Technologies. The present study gives a philosophical and comprehensive understanding about inclusive sustainable development, United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Science and Policy Resolution (SPR), and Science and Technology Innovation (STI) in India, various rural programmes, and the significance of Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG) and its initiatives.

Pursuit Of Inclusive And Sustainable Technology Development For Rural Population: Role of RuTAG at IIT Delhi