Cloud-based automated blood management system
Cloud-Based Automated Blood Management System


Blood management system
interactive website
real-time communication
search optimization
clustering; notifying
prevention of blood wastage
data analysis


From decades, donating, managing, and receiving blood throws a great challenge for the whole human civilization. If there is an excellent blood management system, death due to unavailability of blood along with blood wastage could be reduced. This paper presents a website for online blood management facility. The proposed system consists of three subsystems for real-time blood request response using JavaScript data shuffling and an optimized search for the same; blood bank stock balancing and scientific management and scheduling of blood donation camps by clustering data and performing nested SQL queries for data analysis. This would be an advancement of the classical blood management model to an automated system using web technologies (HTML,CSS, SQL, JavaScript, php). The prototype is carried out using sample data. The system evaluation and analysis are provided .

Cloud-Based Automated Blood Management System